“I thoroughly enjoyed the Champions of Inclusion - Athletic Staff Curriculum. Whether you're a newcomer to the industry, or a seasoned DEI Administrator, [Champions of Inclusion is] a great resource for any athletics administrator. In particular, the greatest benefit is for those that are forward facing in a student service/leadership role.”

Dr. Chet Hesson (he, him) Senior Associate AD/Deputy Title IX Coordinator, BGSU Athletics

“As a pro athlete and an Assistant Coach, I've seen first hand what a difference it makes when students, coaches and administrators are educated about LGBTQI+ identities and experiences. When athletes feel safe being their authentic selves, they shine on and off the court. Champions of Inclusion provides a foundation for teams and athletic departments to build a lasting culture of respect and inclusion.”

Toccara Ross, Central Michigan University Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach and Former Pro Basketball Player

“Education is the first step in building a team where all are welcome. Athlete Ally's Champions of Inclusion is a great resource for coaches and athletes who want to better understand why inclusion matters and how to integrate it into your team culture.”

Heather O’Reilly, Former Olympic Soccer Player and volunteer assistant coach, North Carolina Tar Heels women's soccer team

“The Champions of Inclusion Student-Athlete Curriculum clearly outlined how to take accountability as allies, and how to continue to educate ourselves and the people around us. I also gained a deeper understanding of the LGBTQI+ community's experiences, of transgender and nonbinary identities, and of specific ways I can take action to create a more inclusive space at my school, such as meeting with my Athletics department.”

Madison Roukey, Student Athlete, Softball

“Athlete Ally’s Champions of Inclusion curriculum is a critical component of skill building for coaches and staff in the current climate. Every day, more and more states are passing violent and discriminatory legislation that affects not only college athletes, but also the coaches and staff that work with them. It is imperative that all departments take this curriculum to help them gain an understanding of terminology, language, policy, and how to take action. This curriculum will not only make you a better coach or staff member, it will make you a better human.”

Dr. Jen Fry, JenFryTalks/Hyreable/Coordle