Course Curriculum

    1. How to Navigate This Module

    2. Pre Survey (3 Questions)

    3. Section 1:1 Welcome to Athlete Ally

    4. Section 1:2 Benefits

    1. Section 2:1 Introduction

    2. Section 2:1B Voices of LGBTQI+ Athletes

    3. Section 2:1C Let's Get Started

    4. Section 2:2 Core Components of a Chapter

    5. Section 2:3 Operations of a Chapter

    6. Section 2:3A Leadership Development

    7. Section 2:3B Reflect and Discuss

    8. Section 2:3C Meetings

    9. Section 2:3D Record Keeping

    10. Section 2:3E Building a Chapter Conclusion

    1. Section 3:1 Activate and Sustain Your Chapter

    2. Section 3:1A Voices of LGBTQ+ Athletes

    3. Section 3:2 Outreach- Social Media

    4. Section 3:2A Outreach- Advertise

    5. Section 3:2B Outreach- Tabling

    6. Section 3:2C Reflect and Discuss

    7. Section 3:3 Activities

    8. Section 3:3A Activities- Discussion Groups

    9. Section 3:3B Activities- Educational Opportunities

    10. Section 3:3C Activities- Activism

    11. Section 3:3D Activate and Sustain Conclusion

    12. Section 3:5 Reflect and Discuss

    1. Section 4:1 Setting Goals

    2. Section 4:2 Fundraising Ideas

    3. Section 4:2A Reflect and Discuss

    1. Congrats! Here's what's next...

    2. Post Chapter Curriculum survey

    3. Resources for the Chapter Curriculum

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